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From Pascal Quantin via bug 1723:
Make ASCII text dump identification optional. svn path=/trunk/; revision=38886
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@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ S<[ B<-T> E<lt>srcportE<gt>,E<lt>destportE<gt> ]>
S<[ B<-s> E<lt>srcportE<gt>,E<lt>destportE<gt>,E<lt>tagE<gt> ]>
S<[ B<-S> E<lt>srcportE<gt>,E<lt>destportE<gt>,E<lt>ppiE<gt> ]>
S<[ B<-t> E<lt>timefmtE<gt> ]>
+S<[ B<-a> ]>
@@ -197,6 +198,13 @@ a second.
B<NOTE:> Date/time fields from the current date/time are
used as the default for unspecified fields.
+=item -a
+Enables ASCII text dump identification. It allows to identify the start of
+the ASCII text dump and not include it in the packet even if it looks like HEX.
+B<NOTE:> Do not enable it if the input file does not contain the ASCII text dump.
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