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FT_EUI64 need also to specifies encoding !
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@@ -2335,11 +2335,11 @@ proto_register_*() function) and a value. The value will be fetched
from the tvbuff by proto_tree_add_item(), based on the type of the field
and the encoding of the value as specified by the "encoding" argument.
-For protocols, FT_NONE fields, FT_BYTES fields, FT_EUI64 fields, FT_IPv6
+For protocols, FT_NONE fields, FT_BYTES fields fields, FT_IPv6
fields, FT_IPXNET fields, and FT_OID fields, the encoding is not
relevant; the 'encoding' argument should be ENC_NA (Not Applicable).
-For integral, floating-point, Boolean, and FT_GUID fields, the encoding
+For integral, floating-point, Boolean, and FT_GUID, FT_EUI64 fields, the encoding
specifies the byte order of the value; the 'encoding' argument should be
is ENC_LITTLE_ENDIAN if the value is little-endian and ENC_BIG_ENDIAN if
it is big-endian.