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Add LTE MAC statistics to tshark.
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@@ -1204,6 +1204,21 @@ on those calls that match that filter.
Example: B<-z "sip,stat,ip.addr=="> will only collect stats for
SIP packets exchanged by the host at IP address .
+=item B<-z> mac-lte,stat[I<,filter>]
+This option will activate a counter for LTE MAC messages. You will get
+information about the maximum number of UEs/TTI, common messages and
+various counters for each UE that appears in the log.
+Example: B<-z mac=;te,stat>.
+This option can be used multiple times on the command line.
+If the optional I<filter> is provided, the stats will only be calculated
+for those frames that match that filter.
+Example: B<-z "mac-lte,stat,mac-lte.rnti>3000"> will only collect stats for
+UEs with an assigned RNTI whose value is more than 3000.