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Trivial: Add missing <interval> in one case of tshark -z io,stat usage.
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@@ -814,7 +814,7 @@ which only calculates the number of packets and bytes in each interval.
B<io,stat> can also do much more statistics and calculate COUNT(), SUM(),
MIN(), MAX(), AVG() and LOAD() using a slightly different filter syntax:
-=item -z io,stat,E<34>[COUNT|SUM|MIN|MAX|AVG|LOAD](I<field>)I<field> [and I<filter>]E<34>
+=item -z io,stat,I<interval>,E<34>[COUNT|SUM|MIN|MAX|AVG|LOAD](I<field>)I<field> [and I<filter>]E<34>
NOTE: One important thing to note here is that the field that the
calculation is based on MUST also be part of the filter string or