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+Here's a brief list of information that might be useful to anyone
+distributing a software package containing Ethereal:
+1. The canonical location for every Ethereal source release is
+ http://www.ethereal.com/distribution/all-versions/, e.g.
+ http://www.ethereal.com/distribution/all-versions/ethereal-0.55.71.tar.bz2
+ If your packaging system downloads a copy of the Ethereal sources,
+ use this location.
+2. The Ethereal web site URL is http://www.ethereal.com/ .
+3. Ethereal is released under the GNU General Public License. Make sure
+ your package complies with this license, or we send in the marmots.
+4. Ethereal and the "e" logo are registered trademarks of Ethereal, Inc.
+5. Custom version information can be added by creating a file called
+ "version.conf". See make-version.pl for details. We recommend that
+ you use this to differentiate your package from official Ethereal
+ releases.
+6. Ethereal icons can be found in the "image" directory of the Ethereal
+ sources. Larger versions of the logo can be found at
+ http://www.ethereal.com/~gerald/ethereal_logo/povray/ .
+If you have a question not addressed here, send it to