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Add a note as to how I was able to build & successfully use a Debug Qt Wireshark.
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@@ -51,6 +51,15 @@ select "Build Settings" and do the following:
- In "Edit build configuration" make sure the "Release" build is selected.
("Debug" currently crashes.)
+ XXX: I was able to build and use a Debug configuration by first building
+ Wireshark with /MDd (instead of the normal /MD).
+ (/MDd is what QtCreator uses for the debug configuration).
+ [Is there a way to config QtCreator to use /MD to build a
+ debug Qt Wireshark ? As a complete Qt newbie I have as yet no idea].
+ Note: I did the debugging using the VC2010 debugger rather than
+ invoking the debugger (CDB ?) from QtCreator.
- Make sure "Qt version" matches your version of Visual Studio.
- Make sure "Tool chain" matches your Visual C++ version.