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Future tense -> present tense for the encoding argument to
proto_tree_add_item() having more than just a byte order. svn path=/trunk/; revision=39170
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@@ -2344,9 +2344,9 @@ and, for integral and Boolean fields, the byte order of the value; the
byte order, for items for which that's relevant, is specified by the
'encoding' argument, which is ENC_LITTLE_ENDIAN if the value is
little-endian and ENC_BIG_ENDIAN if it is big-endian. If the byte order
-is not relevant, use ENC_NA (Not Applicable). In the future, other
-elements of the encoding, such as the character encoding for
-character strings, might be supported.
+is not relevant, use ENC_NA (Not Applicable). For some field types,
+additional encoding information, such as the character encoding for
+character strings, are supported.
Now that definitions of fields have detailed information about bitfield
fields, you can use proto_tree_add_item() with no extra processing to