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Fix tshark doc (ip.src== is not a valid filter for ICMPv6 trafic ;)
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=head1 NAME
tshark - Dump and analyze network traffic
@@ -727,7 +727,7 @@ Compute total ICMPv6 echo requests, replies, loss, and percent loss, as well as
minimum, maximum, mean, median and sample standard deviation SRT statistics
typical of what ping provides.
-Example: S<B<-z icmpv6,srt,ip.src==>> will collect ICMPv6 SRT statistics
+Example: S<B<-z icmpv6,srt,ipv6.src==fe80::1>> will collect ICMPv6 SRT statistics
for ICMPv6 echo request packets originating from a specific host.
This option can be used multiple times on the command line.