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-Tpdml and -Tps force -V. Thus, -V is no longer required when using -Tpdml.
Eventually, -Tps will not force -V, and will print summaries when -V is not selected. However, work still has to be done there. svn path=/trunk/; revision=9218
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Protocol Dissection in XML Format
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Copyright (c) 2003 by Gilbert Ramirez <gram@alumni.rice.edu>
Tethereal has the ability to print its protocol dissection in an
-XML format, by using the "-Tpdml -V" options. Similar functionality
+XML format, by using the "-Tpdml" options. Similar functionality
could be put into the "Print" dialog of Ethereal, but that work has
not been done yet.
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ A related XML format, the Packet Summary Markup Language (PSML), is
also defined by the Analyzer group to provide packet summary information.
The PSML format is not documented in a publicly-available HTML document,
but its format is simple. Some day it may be added to tethereal so
-that "-Tpsml" (without "-V") would produce PSML.
+that "-Tpsml" would produce PSML.
One wonders if the "-T" option should read "-Txml" instead of "-Tpdml"
(and in the future, "-Tpsml"), but if tethereal was required to produce