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Update WiresharkXML.py to work with Python 2.7.
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@@ -14,6 +14,10 @@ working on Analyzer. The specification can be found at:
+That URL is not functioning any more, but a copy can be found at:
A related XML format, the Packet Summary Markup Language (PSML), is
also defined by the Analyzer group to provide packet summary information.
The PSML format is not documented in a publicly-available HTML document,
@@ -151,9 +155,13 @@ import WiresharkXML
def my_callback(packet):
# do something
+# If the PDML is stored in a file, you can:
fh = open(xml_filename)
WiresharkXML.parse_fh(fh, my_callback)
+# or, if the PDML is contained within a string, you can:
+WiresharkXML.parse_string(my_string, my_callback)
# Now that the script has the packet data, do something.