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Translate cause value
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diff --git a/diameter/dictionary.xml b/diameter/dictionary.xml
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--- a/diameter/dictionary.xml
+++ b/diameter/dictionary.xml
@@ -1229,13 +1229,68 @@
<avp name="Cause-Code" code="861" mandatory="must" may-encrypt="no" protected="mustnot" vendor-bit="mustnot">
- <type type-name="Integer32"/>
+ <type type-name="Enumerated"/>
<enum name="End of SUBSCRIBE dialog" code="-2"/>
<enum name="Successful transaction" code="-1"/>
<enum name="Normal end of session" code="0"/>
<enum name="Unspecified error" code="1"/>
<enum name="Unsuccessful session setup" code="2"/>
<enum name="Internal error" code="3"/>
+ <enum name="Multiple Choices" code="300"/>
+ <enum name="Moved Permanently" code="301"/>
+ <enum name="Moved Temporarily" code="302"/>
+ <enum name="Use Proxy" code="305"/>
+ <enum name="Alternative Service" code="380"/>
+ <enum name="Bad Request" code="400"/>
+ <enum name="Unauthorized" code="401"/>
+ <enum name="Payment Required" code="402"/>
+ <enum name="Forbidden" code="403"/>
+ <enum name="Not Found" code="404"/>
+ <enum name="Method Not Allowed" code="405"/>
+ <enum name="Not Acceptable" code="406"/>
+ <enum name="Proxy Authentication Required" code="407"/>
+ <enum name="Request Timeout" code="408"/>
+ <enum name="Gone" code="410"/>
+ <enum name="Conditional Request Failed" code="412"/>
+ <enum name="Request Entity Too Large" code="413"/>
+ <enum name="Request-URI Too Long" code="414"/>
+ <enum name="Unsupported Media Type" code="415"/>
+ <enum name="Unsupported URI Scheme" code="416"/>
+ <enum name="Unknown Resource-Priority" code="417"/>
+ <enum name="Bad Extension" code="420"/>
+ <enum name="Extension Required" code="421"/>
+ <enum name="Session Interval Too Small" code="422"/>
+ <enum name="Interval Too Brief" code="423"/>
+ <enum name="Use Identity Header" code="428"/>
+ <enum name="Provide Referrer Identity" code="429"/>
+ <enum name="Bad Identity-Info" code="436"/>
+ <enum name="Unsupported Certificate" code="437"/>
+ <enum name="Invalid Identity Header" code="438"/>
+ <enum name="Temporarily Unavailable" code="480"/>
+ <enum name="Call/Transaction Does Not Exist" code="481"/>
+ <enum name="Loop Detected" code="482"/>
+ <enum name="Too Many Hops" code="483"/>
+ <enum name="Address Incomplete" code="484"/>
+ <enum name="Ambiguous" code="485"/>
+ <enum name="Busy Here" code="486"/>
+ <enum name="Request Terminated" code="487"/>
+ <enum name="Not Acceptable Here" code="488"/>
+ <enum name="Bad Event" code="489"/>
+ <enum name="Request Pending" code="491"/>
+ <enum name="Undecipherable" code="493"/>
+ <enum name="Security Agreement Required" code="494"/>
+ <enum name="Server Internal Error" code="500"/>
+ <enum name="Not Implemented" code="501"/>
+ <enum name="Bad Gateway" code="502"/>
+ <enum name="Service Unavailable" code="503"/>
+ <enum name="Server Time-out" code="504"/>
+ <enum name="Version Not Supported" code="505"/>
+ <enum name="Message Too Large" code="513"/>
+ <enum name="Precondition Failure" code="580"/>
+ <enum name="Busy Everywhere" code="600"/>
+ <enum name="Decline" code="603"/>
+ <enum name="Does Not Exist Anywhere" code="604"/>
+ <enum name="Not Acceptable" code="606"/>
<avp name="Node-Functionality" code="862" mandatory="must" may-encrypt="no" protected="mustnot" vendor-bit="mustnot">
<type type-name="Unsigned32"/>