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provide global default files for cfilters/colorfilters/dfilters
at least the colorfilters file needs some more "finetuning" NSIS (Win32): install these files into the Ethereal Program dir, but don't overwrite existing ones makefile.am: I've added the three files to EXTRA_DIST and pkgdata_DATA, which *seems* to be the right places svn path=/trunk/; revision=14595
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+"Ethernet address 00:08:15:00:08:15" ether host 00:08:15:00:08:15
+"Ethernet type 0x0806 (ARP)" ether proto 0x0806
+"No Broadcast and no Multicast" not broadcast and not multicast
+"No ARP" not arp
+"IP only" ip
+"IP address" host
+"IPX only" ipx
+"TCP only" tcp
+"UDP only" udp
+"TCP or UDP port 80 (HTTP)" port 80
+"HTTP TCP port (80)" tcp port http
+"No ARP and no DNS" not arp and port not 53
+"Non-HTTP and non-SMTP to/from www.ethereal.com" not port 80 and not port 25 and host www.ethereal.com