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Morph ProgressBar into CaptureProgressFrame.
Switch from a plain QProgressBar to a QFrame with a QProgressBar and a stop button. Add a stop_flag boolean to the capture_file struct. To do: - Start adding the progress bar to dialogs. - Don't complain so loudly when the user stops a capture. Change-Id: Iedd1d7d79f2044f1a53e4fb22186d25930a3ef03 Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/9029 Tested-by: Petri Dish Buildbot <buildbot-no-reply@wireshark.org> Petri-Dish: Gerald Combs <gerald@wireshark.org> Reviewed-by: Gerald Combs <gerald@wireshark.org>
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diff --git a/cfile.h b/cfile.h
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--- a/cfile.h
+++ b/cfile.h
@@ -70,6 +70,8 @@ typedef struct _capture_file {
gchar *source; /* Temp file source, e.g. "Pipe from elsewhere" */
gboolean is_tempfile; /* Is capture file a temporary file? */
gboolean unsaved_changes; /* Does the capture file have changes that have not been saved? */
+ gboolean stop_flag; /* Stop current processing (loading, searching, etc.) */
gint64 f_datalen; /* Size of capture file data (uncompressed) */
guint16 cd_t; /* File type of capture file */
unsigned int open_type; /* open_routine index+1 used, if selected, or WTAP_TYPE_AUTO */