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authorChris Maynard <Christopher.Maynard@GTECH.COM>2013-08-29 18:15:13 +0000
committerChris Maynard <Christopher.Maynard@GTECH.COM>2013-08-29 18:15:13 +0000
commitbc654875f03fef8248b06b4bdc8bd26df0a50211 (patch)
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Handle the 2GiB boundary case of the max filesize autostop condition properly so that we avoid overflow conditions and so that we ensure we don't capture more than 2GiB. Also, document the max filesize autostop value of 2GIB as well as indicating that it's truly GiB and not GB.
This fixes the problem reported on ask: http://ask.wireshark.org/questions/23891/wireshark-wont-run-with-multiple-capture-files #BACKPORT(1.10) ... not sure about 1.8? svn path=/trunk/; revision=51576
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diff --git a/capture_opts.h b/capture_opts.h
index cd98b56f7b..05db1dec1b 100644
--- a/capture_opts.h
+++ b/capture_opts.h
@@ -205,14 +205,14 @@ typedef struct capture_options_tag {
int autostop_packets; /**< Maximum packet count */
gboolean has_autostop_filesize; /**< TRUE if maximum capture file size
is specified */
- gint32 autostop_filesize; /**< Maximum capture file size */
+ guint32 autostop_filesize; /**< Maximum capture file size */
gboolean has_autostop_duration; /**< TRUE if maximum capture duration
is specified */
gint32 autostop_duration; /**< Maximum capture duration */
gchar *capture_comment; /** capture comment to write to the
output file */
/* internally used (don't touch from outside) */
gboolean output_to_pipe; /**< save_file is a pipe (named or stdout) */
gboolean capture_child; /**< hidden option: Wireshark child mode */