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Of the "zlib" functions we use that aren't in all versions of "zlib",
"gzgets()" is the one most recently added; it was added in 1.0.9. Check for it, rather than for a list of functions, when checking for "zlib" support - if you check for N functions, and they're all there, you get N "-lz"s added to the list of libraries with which to link. Indicate in the README that "zlib" versions prior to 1.0.9 definitely won't work. svn path=/trunk/; revision=1144
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@@ -81,11 +81,12 @@ and Toshiba's ISDN routers.
In addition, it can read gzipped versions of any of these files,
automatically, if you have the zlib library available when compiling
-Ethereal. Ethereal needs a modern version of zlib to work; version
-1.1.3 is known to work. Earlier versions are missing some functions
-that Ethereal needs and won't work. "./configure" should detect if you
-have the proper zlib version available. You can always use
-"./configure --disable-zlib" to explicitly disable zlib support.
+Ethereal. Ethereal needs a modern version of zlib to be able to use
+zlib to read gzipped files; version 1.1.3 is known to work. Versions
+prior to 1.0.9 are missing some functions that Ethereal needs and won't
+work. "./configure" should detect if you have the proper zlib version
+available and, if you don't, should disable zlib support. You can always
+use "./configure --disable-zlib" to explicitly disable zlib support.
Although Ethereal can read AIX iptrace files, the documentation on
AIX's iptrace packet-trace command is sparse. The 'iptrace' command