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Updated documentation with Lucent/Ascend information.
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@@ -73,8 +73,8 @@ to read multiple file types. You can read the following file
formats, and create display filters for them as well:
libpcap, Sniffer (uncompresed), NetXray, Sniffer Pro, snoop,
-Shomiti, LANalyzer, Network Monitor, iptrace 2.0 (AIX), and
-RADCOM's WAN/LAN Analyzer
+Shomiti, LANalyzer, Network Monitor, iptrace 2.0 (AIX), RADCOM's
+WAN/LAN Analyzer, and Lucent/Ascend access products.
Although Ethereal can read AIX iptrace files, the documentation on
AIX's iptrace packet-trace command is sparse. The 'iptrace' command
@@ -87,6 +87,25 @@ other packets. If this occurs, please let the Ethereal developers know
at ethereal-dev@zing.org, and be sure to send us a copy of that trace
file if it's small and contains non-sensitive data.
+Support for Lucent/Ascend products is limited to the debug trace output
+generated by the MAX and Pipline series of products. Ethereal can read
+the output of the "wandsession" "wandisplay", "wannext", and "wdd"
+commands. For detailed information on use of these commands, please refer
+the following pages:
+"wandsession", "wandisplay", and "wannext" on the Pipeline series:
+ http://aos.ascend.com/aos:/gennavviewer.html?doc_id=0900253d80006c79
+"wandsession", "wandisplay", and "wannext" on the MAX series:
+ http://aos.ascend.com/aos:/gennavviewer.html?doc_id=0900253d80006972
+"wdd" on the Pipeline series:
+ http://aos.ascend.com/aos:/gennavviewer.html?doc_id=0900253d80006877
+To use these commands in conjunction with Ethereal, you must capture the
+trace output to a file on disk. An easy way of doing this under Unix is
+to run "telnet <ascend> | tee <outfile>".