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Installing Wireshark on Windows
-To install Wireshark, just download the appropriate installer program from
+To install Wireshark, simply download the appropriate installer program from
and start it. Just keep the default settings and start Wireshark after the
installation finished (e.g. using the start menu entry).
@@ -14,7 +10,7 @@ installation finished (e.g. using the start menu entry).
For detailed descriptions on how to install and use Wireshark and the
related command line tools, see the Wireshark User's Guide at:
Compiling the Wireshark distribution from source
@@ -23,4 +19,4 @@ In case you want to develop Wireshark code yourself, you can find a
comprehensive guide how to do this in the Developer's Guide, which
you can find (and much more info) at: