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@@ -197,20 +197,20 @@ locations where to unpack them, when the above method isn't used.
Package Default Location
------- ----------------
- glib-2.2.3-20040116.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\glib
- glib-dev-2.2.3-20040116.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\glib
+ glib-2.4.7.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\glib
+ glib-dev-2.4.7.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\glib
gtk+-1.3.0-20030717.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk+
gtk+-dev-1.3.0-20030115.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk+
libiconv-1.9.1.bin.woe32.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\libiconv-1.9.1.bin.woe32
gettext-runtime-0.13.1.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gettext-runtime-0.13.1
- net-snmp-5.1.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs
+ net-snmp- C:\ethereal-win32-libs
wpdpack_3_0.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs
and optional:
- adns-1.0-win32-03.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs
+ adns-1.0-win32-04.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs
pcre-4.4.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs
- zlib122-dll.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\zlib122-dll
+ zlib123-dll.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\zlib123-dll
(to use the default locations, the directories in question should be
created, and each zip file should be unpacked into the corresponding
@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ if you don't want the package to be in that subdirectory, you'd have to
rename the directory.)
The gettext runtime package provides intl.dll, which is needed by
-GLib 2.2.3.
+GLib 2.4.7.
Compiling the Ethereal distribution using GTK+2
@@ -246,16 +246,16 @@ If you want to try a build with GTK+2.x these Extra libraries are needed
Package Default Location
------- ----------------
- gtk+-2.2.4-20040124.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk2
- gtk+-dev-2.2.4-20040124.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk2
- pango-1.2.5-20040124.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk2
- pango-dev-1.2.5-20040124.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk2
- atk-1.4.0.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk2
- atk-dev-1.4.0.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk2
+ gtk+-2.4.14.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk2
+ gtk+-dev-2.4.14.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk2
+ pango-1.4.1.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk2
+ pango-dev-1.4.1.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk2
+ atk-1.6.0.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk2
+ atk-dev-1.6.0.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk2
and optional:
- gtk-wimp-0.5.3-bin.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk-wimp
+ gtk-wimp-0.7.0-bin.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk-wimp
Be sure to set GTK2_DIR in config.nmake correct, to be able to compile.
@@ -274,8 +274,8 @@ Plugins (gryphon.dll and mgcp.dll) can go in:
<Ethereal installation directory>\plugins\<version>
Where <version> is the version number, without brackets. For example,
-if you have Ethereal 0.9.8 installed in the default location, plugins
-will reside in C:\Program Files\Ethereal\plugins\0.9.8
+if you have Ethereal 0.10.12 installed in the default location, plugins
+will reside in C:\Program Files\Ethereal\plugins\0.10.12
Yes, the location of plugins needs to be more flexible.
@@ -415,7 +415,7 @@ and for a much smaller installer (using the lzma compression).
In the ethereal directory, type "nmake -f makefile.nmake packaging" to build the installer.
Please be patient while the compression is done, it will take some time even on fast machines.
-You will hopefully now see something like ethereal-setup-0.10.2.exe in the dir packaging/nsis.
+You will hopefully now see something like ethereal-setup-0.10.12.exe in the dir packaging/nsis.
Installing GTK-Wimp