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Fix some typoes.
Give the appropriate locations for libiconv, gettext, and WinPcap. Note that the WinPcap package is *not* available from ethereal.com. Explain a bit more about how to unpack the zip files for development packages. svn path=/trunk/; revision=9587
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Installing Ethereal, Tethereal, and Editcap on Win32
@@ -149,10 +149,10 @@ Compiling the Ethereal distribution from source
You'll need the development packages for GLIB, GTK+, iconv, gettext,
WinPcap, zlib, Net-SNMP, ADNS, and PCRE. The GLIB, GTK+, and WinPcap
-packages are available from the respctive home pages for each project
+packages are available from the respective home pages for each project
(the same URLs as listed above). The development packages contain header
-files and stub libaries to link against. Precompiled versions of these
-packages are available at
+files and stub libraries to link against. Precompiled versions of all
+of these packages, except for WinPcap, are available at
@@ -165,19 +165,30 @@ C:\ethereal-win32-libs. You can place them in a different directory, but
you must update config.nmake accordingly. The default location for each
package is as follows:
- Package Default Location
- ------- ----------------
+ Package Default Location
+ ------- ----------------
adns-1.0-win32-01.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs
glib-2.2.3.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\glib
glib-dev-2.2.3.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\glib
gtk+-1.3.0-20030717.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk+
gtk+-dev-1.3.0-20030115.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk+
- libiconv-1.9.1.bin.woe32.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gtk+
- gettext-runtime-0.12.1.bin.woe32.zip [ None ]
+ libiconv-1.9.1.bin.woe32.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\libiconv-1.9.1.bin.woe32
+ gettext-runtime-0.12.1.bin.woe32.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\gettext-runtime-0.12.1.bin.woe32
net-snmp-5.1.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs
pcre-4.4.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs
+ wpdpack_3_0.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs
zlib121-dll.zip C:\ethereal-win32-libs\zlib121-dll
+(to use the default locations, the directories in question should be
+created, and each zip file should be unpacked into the corresponding
+directory). If you only want to change the C:\ethereal-win32-libs
+part, you just change the setting of ETHEREAL_LIBS in config.nmake; if
+you want to change subdirectories, you'll have to change the individual
+item for a package. (Note that some zip files create the subdirectory -
+those zip files just have C:\ethereal-win32-libs in the list above - so
+if you don't want the package to be in that subdirectory, you'd have to
+rename the directory.)
The gettext runtime package provides intl.dll, which is needed by
GLib 2.2.3.