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Note that if you're building from a source tarball, before the first
build you must do "nmake -f makefile.make distclean". svn path=/trunk/; revision=15215
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MS Visual C++ Version 6
This is the common compiler used for building Ethereal on win32.
+If you've downloaded an Ethereal source tarball and unpacked it, then,
+before you do any build, you must do
+ nmake -f makefile.nmake distclean
+to get rid of files included in the source distribution that are built
+for UN*X (so that the source distribution can be compiled on UN*X
+without requiring tools such as Flex) and that won't compile on Windows
+as generated.
+You must also do that if you've built for UN*X in the same directory
+tree, regardless of whether you are building from a source tarball or
+from the Subversion tree.
+You do not have to do this if you're directly building from the
+Subversion tree, as long as you haven't done a UN*X build in the same
MS Visual C++ Version 7 / VC.NET
Currently unsupported for two reasons:
-the licence agreement does NOT allow you to compile GPL code.