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* X11 dissector:
- in decoding of replies: 0 is not an unknown opcode, it means that the request was unseen or that the opcode of the request is unknown (e.g. due to unseen / undecoded QueryExtension replies) - add special processing for QueryExtension requests & replies in order to store new opcodes in a value_string of opcodes saved per conversation - try to resynchronize sequence number once at first reply if no initial connection request was seen - add decoding of SendEvent request - add decoding of many replies (AllocColor, GetInputFocus, GetGeometry, GetPointerControl, GetScreenSaver, GetSelectionOwner, GrabKeyboard, GrabPointer, InternAtom, ListProperties, LookupColor, QueryBestSize, QueryKeymap, QueryPointer, TranslateCoordinates) - fix decoding of EnterNotify / LeaveNotify events - add decoding of most events (FocusIn, FocusOut, Expose, GraphicsExpose, NoExpose, VisibilityNotify, CreateNotify, DestroyNotify, UnmapNotify, MapNotify, MapRequest, ReparentNotify, ConfigureNotify, GravityNotify, ResizeRequest, CirculateNotify, CirculateRequest, PropertyNotify, SelectionClear, SelectionRequest, SelectionNotify, ColormapNotify, ClientMessage) - miscellaneous changes & code cleaning svn path=/trunk/; revision=10442
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