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+This file tries to help building Ethereal for MacOS X
+The changes to enable libwiretap and libethereal being built as shared
+libraries have broken shared gtk1 builds on MacOS X. It seems that the
+gtk1 libs don't work when linked into a shared library. The alternative
+to build Ethereal as one big statically linked binary isn't working
+either (and may never have worked on this OS).
+The way out of this situation is to use gtk2 and associated libraries
+which is known to work in this constellation:
+ GLib 2.2.3
+ Pango 1.2.5
+ GTK+ 2.2.3
+ ATK 1.2.4
+and the corresponding dependencies. In case you also have gtk1 installed,
+you will need to run configure with the "--enable-gtk2" argument.