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Fix up the "ethereal-dev" address to refer to "ethereal.com" rather than
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In order to capture packets (with Ethereal/Tethereal, tcpdump, or any
other packet capture program) on a Linux system, the "packet" protocol
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ The current version of Ethereal attempts to work around this, so its GUI
shouldn't freeze when capturing on a not-so-busy network. If its GUI
does freeze when that happens, please send a note about this, indicating
which version of which distribution of Linux you're using, and which
-version of libpcap you're using, to ethereal-dev@zing.org.
+version of libpcap you're using, to ethereal-dev@ethereal.com.
The current version of Ethereal should work with versions of libpcap
that have been patched to fix the timeout problem, as well as working