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Note that the Lua tests don't work in cmake.
(Also point out that we really want cross-compilation to work since people do use it--with autotools.) Change-Id: I0570e0d3e4063c53699233e950687d86aa34b651 Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/7528 Reviewed-by: Graham Bloice <graham.bloice@trihedral.com>
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@@ -185,7 +185,10 @@ What needs to be done?
that a random directory the executable was ultimately placed in would
be named "run" might also be a bit bigger than the chance that it's
named ".libs".
-- Get cross-compilation working (or ensure it does). It works with autofoo.
+- Get the test suite running in a cmake build. Currently at least the Lua
+ parts fail.
+- Get cross-compilation working (or ensure it does). It works with autofoo--and
+ people use it.
- Handle -DFORTIFY_SOURCE=2 appropriately. (Do a Web search for
"cmake fortify" for some information.)
- Add support for Visual Studio code anlaysis similar to ENABLE_CODE_ANALYSIS in