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Include DragonFly BSD in the list of BSDs to which this applies.
Add information on how to set the mode, owner, and/or group of the BPF devices in FreeBSD with devfs. svn path=/trunk/; revision=23032
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-Installing Wireshark on FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD
+Installing Wireshark on FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/DragonFly BSD
1. Extra packages required
@@ -80,4 +80,34 @@ that need to use Wireshark to the wheel group. Check your operating
system's documentation on how to make permanent these changes as they
are often reset upon reboot; if /dev is implemented with devfs, it might
be possible to configure devfs to create all bpf devices owned by a
-particular user and/or group and with particular permissions.
+particular user and/or group and with particular permissions. In
+FreeBSD 6.0 and later this can be done by creating an /etc/devfs.rules
+file with content such as
+ [localrules=10]
+ add path 'bpf*' {mode and permissons}
+where "mode and permissions" can include clauses such as
+ mode {octal permissions}
+to set the permissions on the device (e.g., "mode 0660" to set the
+permissions to rw-rw-r--),
+ user {user}
+to set the user who owns the device, or
+ group {group}
+to set the group that owns the device and adding a line such as
+ devfs_system_ruleset=localrules
+to /etc/rc.conf. For example, an /etc/devfs.rules file with
+ [localrules=10]
+ add path 'bpf*' mode 0660 group wheel
+will grant read and write permissions on all BPF devices to all users in
+the "wheel" group.