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List of changes for this next release, which I'll probably call 0.9.0.
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+Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.9.0:
+* Macro movement to pint.h (Gilbert)
+* Keep TVBUFF_SUBSET constructor from dying after a
+ ReportedBoundsError (Gilbert)
+* CWR and ECN flags in TCP (Ulrich Kiermayr <kie@thp.univie.ac.at>)
+* Correct startup/shutdown of windows sockets for name resolution (Graham)
+* Add "-p" option to control promiscuity of capture, Debian bug #34376 (Guy)
+* Wiretap support for Nokia firewall tcpdump, yet another mutant libpcap format
+ that didn't change the magic number (Guy)
+* ECN in IP header (Ulrich Kiermayr <kie@thp.univie.ac.at>)
+* Fix for #include of <net/if.h> (Guy)
+* Close the handle for the SNMP library after inspecting it on Linux
+ (Guy, Gilbert)
+* EOF check (Guy)
+* Wiretap support for Shomit Survery 3.x, aka "unofficial snoop v4" (Guy)
+* Wiretap support for reading pppd log files (pppdump format) (Gilbert)
+* Add -l option to tethereal to make stdout line-buffered. (Guy)
+* Add "Next Sequence number" field to TCP (Guy)
+* Other TCP updates (Guy)
+* Add direction flag, if available, to Frame dissection. (Gilbert)
+* Rename NCP include file with code in it to packet-ncp2222.inc (Gilbert)
+* Dissect WTAP_ENCAP_ATM_RFC1483 with dissect_llc() (Guy)
+* Wiretap support for NetXRay ATM captures (Guy)
+* Make an "epan" directory, and move core routines to libethereal (Gilbert,
+ Olivier, Guy)
+* Doco updates (Guy)
+* Dynamic buffer for format_text() (Guy)
+* Telnet update (Guy)
+* HTTP update (Guy)
+* RTSP update (Guy)
+* BXXP update (Richard)
+* DNS updates (A6, DNAME, and RFC 2673 bitstring label) (Per Flock)
+* ISAKMP check for bad data (Gilbert, Jack Keane)
+* ISAKMP update for SHA2 and AES encryption assignments (Yaniv Kaul)
+* Move Frame dissection do separate file (Gilbert)
+* Add support for modal message boxes (Guy)
+* DNS updates (Brian Wellington)
+* Add Capture->Stop menu item (Santeri)
+* ICMPv6 bad data check (Santeri)
+* Check for python executable in autogen.sh (Gilbert)
+* On Unix/X, the default font preference matches only ISO 8859/1 fonts (Guy)
+* Complete the COPS dissector (Heikki Vatiainen)
+* Update for Session Announcement Protocol (Heikki Vatiainen)
+* Better heuristic for detecting Linux mangling of token-ring header (Gilbert)
+* Fix for DNS A6 RR decoding (Per Flock)
+* Support for H.261 and TPKT, replacement of RTP and RTCP dissectors, and
+ changes to Q.931 dissector (Andreas Sikkema)
+* Case-insensitive string checsk in HTTP dissector (Isaac Wilcox)
+* RTCP band-aid for allegedly-NTP timestamp (Guy)
+* Diameter updates (David Frascone)
+* Capture statistics improvements (Santeri)
+* Check the ICMP checksum (Guy)
+* Support for conversations with "wildcard" destination addresses
+ (Jeff Foster, Guy)
+* HSRP off-by-one fix (Guy)
+* IPX and TCP column-related fixes (Guy)
+* make-reg-dotc fix (Guy)
+* AFS static-function cleanup (Guy)
+* Filter GUI ease-of-use fixes (Santeri)
Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.12:
* OSPF enhancements (Craig Metz)
* Buffer-overflow protection with snprintf (Gilbert)