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+Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.8:
+* Implement dissector tables for various protocols (Gilbert, Guy)
+* Add "visited" flag to each frame (Gilbert, Guy)
+* Renamed the DHIS protocol to DDTP (Olivier)
+* Change win32 port to build as a Windows (non-console) program (Guy)
+* Improved display of FTP data (Richard)
+* Add icon and resource for Win32 ethereal (Graham Bloice)
+* OSI fix (Guy)
+* Wiretap code cleanup (Guy)
+* Updates to OSI CLNP, CLTP, ISIS. Added OSI ESIS (Ralf Schneider)
+* Per-frame data allocation (Richard)
+* Update NCP code to use conversation types (Guy)
+* Fix checksum option decoding in CC/CR TPDU in CLNP dissector (Laurent)
+* Detect compressed A/C PPP fields (Greg Kilfoyle)
+* Support for decoding MS Proxy protocol (Jeff Foster)
+* Fragmented IPv6 fix (Guy)
+* Fixes to LPD dissector (Matthijs Melchior <mmelchior@lucent.com>)
+* Support for RTCP and RTP (Jason Lango)
+* RTSP fixes (Guy)
+* IPv4 dissector and doco fix (Ben Fowler <wapdev@leedsnet.com>)
+* Add proto_tree_add_int_format() (Gilbert)
+* Support IPv6 name resolution A6 packet (itojun)
+* Support AD and CD bit in RFC2535 section 6 (itojun)
+* Add "-s" to editcap (Guy)
+* Print spaces as spaces in hex dump pane (Gilbert, Guy)
+* Don't dissect encrypted payload in ISAKMP packet (Guy)
+* SINEC H1 fixes (Gerrit Gehnen)
+* Plugin fixes (Gerrit Gehnen)
+* Win32 build fixes (Graham Bloice)
+* Doco updates (Guy)
+* Menu fixes (Guy)
+* Dialogue window helper functions (Guy)
+* GUI button-cration functions (Guy)
+* Speedups in token-ring dissector (Gilbert)
+* Registration of lists of "heuristic" dissectors (Guy)
+* Ethereal child process error-handling (Guy)
+* Fix problems with dialoge windows popping up multiple times (Guy)
Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.7:
* Small memleak in "Find Frame" plugged (Guy)
* Correct behavior for stopping frame search (Guy)