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Add list of changes for 0.8.15 release.
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+Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.15:
+* HSRP updates (Heikki)
+* MGCP updates (Ed, Gilbert)
+* Fix infinite loop problem in ICQ dissector (Gilbert)
+* Enable optional building of ethereal/tethereal/editcap (Guy, Gilbert)
+* SMB fixes (Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven)
+* More complete 'manuf' file. (Gerald)
+* X.25 updates (Olivier, Richard)
+* RADIUS updates (Guy)
+* AIM updates (Ralf Holzer)
+* WCCP 2.0 support
+* NG Sniffer file-reading fixes (Guy)
+* New dissector: Label Distribution Protocol (Richard)
+* tvbuff updates, fixes, additions (Gilbert, Guy)
+* New dissector: GVRP (Kevin Shi)
+* NVS v4 support (Mike Frisch)
+* RTSP updates (Guy)
+* Miscellaneous clean-ups (Guy, Gilbert)
+* NBIPX update (Guy)
+* Fix for improper buffer-overflow check in wiretap's pppdump support (Daniel Thompson)
+* ISAKMP fix (itojun)
+* Add TCP segment and UDP datagram checksumming code (Guy)
+* Added Router-Alert IP option, RFC 2113 (Ashok)
+* PPP updates (Burke Lau)
+* Mobile IPv6 support (Martti Kuparinen)
+* "Match Selected" works better with FT_STRING types (Ed Warnicke)
+* Windows time format bug avoidance (Richard)
+* X.25 over TCP support (Paul Ionescu)
+* Enable FT_BYTES display filtering (Ed Warnicke)
+* Added tethereal_static build target (Nathan)
+* Kerberos update (Nathan, Guy)
+* DLT_LINUX_SLL capture type support, used with current libpcap captures on the Linux "any" device. (Guy)
+* CLNP update (Guy)
+* TFTP update (Guy)
+* BGP update (Greg Hankins)
+* OSPF update (Guy)
+* Capture updates and fixes (Guy)
+* LAPBETHER support (Richard, Guy)
+* TCP update for TCP MD5 signature (Greg Hankins)
+* SMB-PIPE fix (Richard)
+* Display filter creation GUI (Guy, based on work by Jeff Foster)
+* Updates to HTTP (uPnP and SSDP support) (David Hampton)
+* Preferences API updates (Guy)
+* DEC LANBridge Spanning Tree Protocol support (Paul Ionescu)
+* X.25 over LLC support (Paul Ionescu)
+* CDP update for IP Prefix field (Paul Ionescu)
+* Tvbuffication of dissectors (Guy, Gilbert)
+* Frame Relay and Frame-Relay-over-GRE support (Paul Ionescu)
+* Support for NG Sniffer Frame Relay traces (Jeff Foster)
+* Conversation/dissector registration updates (Guy)
+* MTP3 User Adaptation Layer (M3UA) support (Michael Tuexen)
+* Doco updates (Guy)
+* SOCKS fix for crashing in a conversation ping-ping (Jeff Foster)
+* IEEEE 802.11 fix (Guy)
+* Proper (I think) lineheight calculation in proto_draw.c (Gilbert)
+* HTTP dissector can accept registration from sub-protocols (Guy)
+* make-reg-dotc.py speeds up build on Win32 (Gilbert)
+* LLC update (Guy)
+* SCTP updates (Michael Tuexen)
+* ISDN Q.921-User Adaptation Layer (IUA) support (Michael Tuexen)
Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.14:
* Fix time-difference computation in tethereal (Guy)
* SMB LOGON update (Richard)