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+Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.9:
+* Timestamps in RTP summary column (Jason Lango)
+* Fix build warnings (Ron Flory)
+* Make our GtkCList sortable (Graham Bloice)
+* Use F<> instead of B<> for files in man pages (Guy)
+* Fix a type IP packet counter (Gerald)
+* Build fixes (Gilbert, Guy)
+* Rename "private" to "dump", to avoid C++ reserved word (Guy)
+* Add tvbuff class and exceptions module (Gilbert, Guy)
+* Convert dissectors to use tvbuffs (Gilbert, Olivier, Guy)
+* Support ISAKMP Configuration Method (Yaniv Kaul)
+* Fix tethereal/wiretap error-reporting bug (Gilbert)
+* Add sample Makefile for regression testing (Gilbert)
+* Dissect substring filters in packet-ldap.c (Guy)
+* Fix wtap.h typo (Alan Harrison)
+* Change usage of 'fd' in file.c (Ben Fowler)
+* Fix endian bug in ngsniffer.c (Guy)
+* Fix smb-pipe NetServEnum (Guy)
+* Fix VTP to correctly add ipv4 address to proto_tree (Guy)
+* cf->current_frame fix for correctly displaying GtkCList (Guy)
+* SMUX and SNMPv3 support (Jochen Friedrich)
+* Fix snmp-less build (Guy)
+* Show Ethernet trailer (Gilbert)
+* Old-style fixes for bounds checking (Guy, Gilbert)
+* Make proto_tree_is_visible false more of the time (Guy)
+* Support for GRE over IPX (Paul Ionescu)
+* Move psuedo_header out of frame_data structure to save memory. Required
+ changes in wiretap, too. (Guy)
+* Doco fixes (Guy)
+* Mark DCHP packets as DHCP, using bootp.dhcp flag. (Paul Ionescu)
+* Fix randpkt.c for new wtap_dump() (Gilbert)
+* Correctly handle 0-length FT_BYTES (Gilbert)
+* Header file fixes (Guy, Gilbert)
+* SMUX-related fix (Guy)
+* More wiretap zlib fixes (Guy)
+* Detect Cisco and Novell type IPX packets (Paul Ionescu)
+* Close the capture file descriptor (Mark Burton, Guy)
+* More ISAKMP additions (Yaniv Kaul, Guy)
+* Support for EIGRP over Appletalk and IPX (Paul Ionescu)
+* Fix display of IP fragment (Scott Howard)
+* Fix for Linux ISDN ippp devices (Gilbert)
+* Change handling of capture_ppp() (Gilbert)
+* SMB fixes (Mark Burton)
+* Support for reading compressed Sniffer fils (Tim Farley, Joerg, Guy)
+* GTK dialogue fixes (Guy)
+* Incorporate gtkclist.c from GTK+ 1.2.8 (Guy)
+* Initial SCTP support (Michael Tuexen)
+* Support for Mobile IP dissection (Stefan Raab, Gilbert, Guy)
+* Fix for X.25 dbit (Gilbert)
+* Enable more dissector handoff tables (Guy)
+* Win32 build enhancements (Graham Bloice)
+* X.25 LCN display fix (Olivier)
+* C/C++ typedef fixes (Guy, Andreas Sikkema)
+* Change proto_tree_add_*() calls to find more errors at compile time (Guy)
+* Fix plugin function pointer table (Gilbert)
+* Add "Enable name resolution" check box to File Open dialogue (Gilbert)
+* Fix RSVP for Resv Tear Confirm message (Gilbert)
+* Show ICMP sequence number as two bytes instead of integer of unknown-endianness (Gilbert)
+* Add gtk_set_locale() to main (Kaoru Kusunoki)
+* Make dissect_ah() use dissector handoff tables (Gilbert)
Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.8:
* Implement dissector tables for various protocols (Gilbert, Guy)
* Add "visited" flag to each frame (Gilbert, Guy)