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Add news for upcoming 0.8.12
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+Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.12:
+* Buffer-overlow protection with snprintf (Gilbert)
+* Add "Save As" feature to TCP FOllow dialogue (Gilbert)
+* NFS update (Guy)
+* Show correct IP cksum if cksum in packet is incorrect
+ (Johannes.Hennecke@elsa.de, Gilbert, Guy)
+* Fixes for srvloc (Guy, Peter Kjellerstedt)
+* Reorganize Win32 README (Gilbert)
+* ICQ updates (Peter Kjellerstedt)
+* ICMP proto_tree fix (Guy)
+* Filter dialogue GUI fix (Guy)
+* Fix rlogin "fd" assumption (Guy)
+* Packet-length fixes in various dissectors (Guy)
+* Add preferences to OSI CLNP/COTP/CLTP (Laurent)
+* Dissector tables allow for tvbuff and non-tvbuff dissectors (Guy)
+* Code cleanup (Larent, Guy)
+* SMB fix (Richard)
+* eproto2sgml (Richard)
+* RPC updates (Uwe)
+* NLM v1 updates (Uwe)
+* Add Help window (Laurent)
+* Improve add_host_nam,e fill IP host hasthable from DNS answeres (Laurent)
+* Add doc strings to ncp2222.py (Gilbert)
+* Fix display of IPv6 frag header in proto_tree (Santeri)
+* Add wiretap support for Cisco Secure Intrustion Dection System IPLog format
+ (Mike Hall, Gilbert)
+* Allow "filtering" in TCP Follow Save As, i.e., save entire conversation, or
+ either half of the conversation (C->S, S->C) (Gilbert, Laurent)
+* Doco update (Guy)
+* BOOTP fix (Phil Techau)
+* Fix Help|About order (Guy)
+* Add #defines to DNS dissector (Guy)
+* Fix compilation in non-source directory (Laurent)
+* Add ethertypes (Laurent)
+* Fix for compiling if G_HAVE_GINT64 (Guy)
+* ISIS CLV fix (Laurent)
+* Add proto_tree_add_text_valist (Laurent)
+* make-reg-dotc fix (Guy)
+* header-file inclusion fixes (Laurent)
+* Add Kerberos 5 dissector (Wes Hardaker, Guy, Gilbert)
+* Compressed ngsniffer enhancements (Guy)
+* LLC non-SNAP fix (Guy)
+* snprintf fixes (Guy)
+* "TCP follow" support for TCP over IPv6 (Laurent)
+* Add RSH dissector (Robert Tsai)
+* Add HPUX doco and patches (Guy)
+* Better handling of failing to open capture device (Guy)
+* Cope with Linux ISDN packet headers (Guy)
+* Enable/disable particular protocols (Laurent, Uwe)
+* Small RPC and NFS fix (Uwe)
+* Preferences GUI updates (Laurent, Guy, Gilbert)
+* Packet deselection fix (Guy)
+* Re-organize popup menu (Laurent)
+* GUI convenience function updates (Guy)
+* DNS A6 records are now RFC 2874, not i-d (itojun)
+* Add support for draft-ietf-ipngwg-icmp-name-lookups-06.txt
+ (icmp node information query, itojun)
+* Gryphon plugin fix (Laurent)
+* Plugin fix (Laurent)
+* Add Zebra dissector (Jochen, Guy)
+* ICMPv6 dissector alignment fix (itojun)
+* Add port type for SCTP ports (Michael Tuexen)
+* Potential buffer overflow fixes (Laurent)
+* Add info to summary window (Laurent)
+* Add initial support for SMTP dissector (Richard, Laurent)
+* Choose bold font from normal-weight font name (Guy)
+* Font fixes (Laurent)
+* BGP display filter fix (Laurent)
+* Ascend display fliter fix (Laurent)
+* Ability to mark frames with middle mouse button. (Laurent)
+* Tethereal initialization fix (Guy)
+* Turn FT_NSTRING_UINT8 into FT_UINT_STRING (Gilbert)
+* NCP fix (Gilbert)
+* Remove "Decode IPv4 TOS field as DiffServ field" from display
+ options (Laurent)
+* Add a help context identifier to the status bar (Laurent)
+* Fix CLEANUP_* macros in exceptions code (Gilbert)
+* LDAP dissector fix (Guy)
+* RPC packet-state fix (Guy)
+* Name updates to stuff in GSS authentication for ONC RPC (Dug Song)
+* Update doco (Guy, Laurent)
+* libpcap->wiretap encapsulation type mapping fix (Guy)
+* LLC fix (Guy)
+* pptp fix (Laurent)
+* vines fix (Laurent)
+* NFS v2 READDIR fix (Guy)
+* Add FT_STRINGZ type (Gilbert)
+* Move pointer-integer functions (pntohl, et al) to separate file (Gilbert)
+* Add initial support for BXXP (Richard)
+* Fix method for building list of network interfaces (Uwe, with tip o' hat
+ to W. Richard Stevens)
+* GIOP endianness fix (Gilbert)
+* Random character in help dialogue fix (Laurent)
+* Change wtap_read() parameter list to avoid hacks in some wiretap
+ modules (Gilbert)
+* g_malloc()/g_free() fixes (Guy)
+* New tvbuff routines (Gilbert, Richard)
+* libsnmp.so loading fix (Guy)
+* Use inverse video instead of boldface in hex dump (Graham Bloice, Guy)
+* Ability to choose font (Guy)
+* Comment-out Cut/Copy/Paste items in Edit menu (Guy)
+* redraw_hex_dump fixes (Guy)
+* Negative relative and delta timestamp fixes (Guy)
+* Move some string functions out of packet.c and into strutil.c (Gilbert)
Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.11:
* Set locale in tethereal (Guy)
* Dialog box utility routines (Guy)