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+Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.5:
+* Fix for reading Toshiba ISDN router trace files (Gilbert)
+* Fix proto_* calls in various dissectors (Guy, Gilbert)
+* Fix offset in packet-ipp.c (Guy)
+* Documentation updates (Guy, Olivier)
+* Another iteration of the frame_data pointer/GtkCList headache (Guy)
+* Support for DUMP and EXPORT replies in packet-mount.c (Uwe)
+* Support for MPLS (Ashok)
+* RSVP fixes (Guy)
+* Fix TCP Stream (Guy)
+* Break proto_tree_add* functions into many more (Gilbert, Guy)
+* Win32 version uses HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH instead of HOME (Guy)
+* More *BSD zlib fixes (Guy)
+* Fix to handle SNMPv2 TRAP PDUs (Dietmar Petras)
+* Fix SNMP (Guy)
+* Fix "Find Frame"/"Go To Frame" dialogue boxes (Guy)
+* Plugin API fixes (Guy)
+* LAPB update (Olivier)
+* EIGRP update (Guy)
+* V120 update (Guy)
+* RADIUS changes (Florian Lohoff)
+* Add new filterable fields to eth, tr, fddi, isl (Jeff Foster, Gilbert)
+* Add Novell option decoding (Fredrik Sorensson <fsn@volvo.se>>
+* More proto- and dfilter- assertions (Gilbert, Ben Fowler <wapdev@leedsnet.com>)
+* Fix IPv6 fragment handling (Jochen Friedrich)
+* DNS update (Guy, Itojun)
+* IPv4 udpate (Guy)
+* Enable capturing in Win32 (Paul Welchinski)
+* Fix for SMB (Andreas Sikkema)
+* Wiretap update; fix for Netmon reader (Guy)
+* L2TP fixes (Florian Lohoff)
+* NFS update (Guy)
+* Telnet update (Guy)
+* Per-frame proto data (Richard)
+* ASN.1 update (Guy)
+* PPP over GRE fix (Gilbert)
+* ISIS-HELLO fix (Ralf Schneider)
+* Display filter string length fix (Ralf Schneider)
+* Re-work of LDAP dissector (Doug Nazar)
+* Win32 file-save fix (Andreas Sikkema)
+* Add getopt routine for Win32 (Gilbert)
+* BGP route reflection support (Greg Hankins <gregh@twoguys.org>)
+* BOOTP fix (Michael Johnston)
+* Lex build fix (Guy)
+* Remove extra menu entries for "Find Frame" and "Go To Frame" (Guy)
+* Wiretrace's iptrace reader now reads IBM SP switch traces (Jochen Friedrich)
+* HP-UX build fix (Guy)
+* Plugin update (Olivier)
+* Summary dialogue window fix (Guy)
+* Ethereal exit logic re-org (Guy)
+* Filter dialogue re-org (Guy)
+* Use GMemChunk for frame_data structs (Guy)
+* Allow registration of protocol handoffs (Jeff Foster, Guy)
+* Win32 build fix for new WinPcap library (Guy)
Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.4:
* Listen for exception on GDK_INPUT_EXCEPTION on sync pipe (Gilbert)
* Correct timestamp bug in dissect_ipopt_timestamp() (Paul Ionescu, Olivier)