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The following features are new (or have been significantly updated)
since version 1.11.3:
* Transport name resolution is now disabled by default.
+ * Support has been added for all versions of the DCBx protocol.
+ * Cleanup of LLDP code, all dissected fields are now navigable.
The following features are new (or have been significantly updated)
since version 1.11.2:
@@ -85,62 +87,17 @@ What's New
* The Kerberos dissector has been replaced with an auto generated one
from ASN1 protocol description, changing a lot of filter names.
- Removed dissectors
- * The ASN1 plugin has been removed as it's deemed obsolete.
- * The GNM dissector has been removed as it was never used.
- * The Kerberos hand made dissector has been replaced by one generated
- from ASN1 code.
New Protocol Support
- 29West, 802.1AE Secure tag, A21, ACR122, ADB Client-Server, AllJoyn,
- Apple PKTAP, Aruba Instant AP, ASTERIX, ATN, Bencode, Bluetooth 3DS,
- Bluetooth HSP, Bluetooth Linux Monitor Transport, Bluetooth Low Energy,
- Bluetooth Low Energy RF Info, CARP, CFDP, Cisco MetaData, DCE/RPC
- MDSSVC, DeviceNet, ELF file format, Ethernet Local Management Interface
- (E-LMI), Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON), EXPORTED PDU, FINGER,
- GDB Remote Serial Protocol, HDMI, High-Speed LAN Instrument Protocol
- (HiSLIP), HTTP2, IDRP, IEEE 1722a, ILP, iWARP Direct Data Placement and
- Remote Direct Memory Access Protocol, Kafka, Kyoto Tycoon, Landis & Gyr
- LBT-TCP, Lightweight Mesh (v1.1.1), Link16, Linux netlink, Linux
- netlink netfilter, Linux netlink sock diag, Linux rtnetlink (route
- netlink), Logcat, MBIM, Media Agnostic USB (MA USB), MiNT, MP4 /
- ISOBMFF file format, MQ Telemetry Transport Protocol, MS NLB (Rewrite),
- Novell PKIS certificate extensions, NXP PN532 HCI, Open Sound Control,
- OpenFlow, Pathport, PDC, Picture Transfer Protocol Over IP, PKTAP,
- Private Data Channel, QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections), SAE J1939,
- SEL RTAC (Real Time Automation Controller) EIA-232 Serial-Line
- Dissection, Sippy RTPproxy, SMB-Direct, SPDY, STANAG 4607, STANAG 5066
- DTS, STANAG 5066 SIS, Tinkerforge, Ubertooth, UDT, URL Encoded Form
- Data, USB Communications and CDC Control, USB Device Firmware Upgrade,
- VP8, WHOIS, Wi-Fi Display, and ZigBee Green Power profile
Updated Protocol Support
Too many protocols have been updated to list here.
New and Updated Capture File Support
- Netscaler 2.6, STANAG 4607, and STANAG 5066 Data Transfer Sublayer
Major API Changes
The libwireshark API has undergone some major changes:
- * A more flexible, modular memory manager (wmem) has been added. It
- was available experimentally in 1.10 but is now mature and has
- mostly replaced the old emem API (which is deprecated).
- * A new API for expert information has been added, replacing the old
- one.
- * The tvbuff API has been cleaned up: tvb_length has been renamed to
- tvb_captured_length for clarity, and tvb_get_string and
- tvb_get_stringz have been deprecated in favour of
- tvb_get_string_enc and tvb_get_stringz_enc.
- * dissector_try_heuristic() signature has been changed to return
- heur_dtbl_entry_t to make it possible to save it and use it in
- subsequent calls to avoid the overhead of going trough the
- heuristics list.
Getting Wireshark
@@ -212,7 +169,7 @@ Frequently Asked Questions
A complete FAQ is available on the [22]Wireshark web site.
- Last updated 2014-05-30 08:14:03 CEST
+ Last updated 2014-06-08 16:18:44 CEST