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+Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.4:
+* Listen for exception on GDK_INPUT_EXCEPTION on sync pipe (Gilbert)
+* Correct timestamp bug in dissect_ipopt_timestamp() (Paul Ionescu, Olivier)
+* Win32 fixes (Ed Meaney)
+* Fix PLUGIN_DIR scanning (Olivier)
+* Support for Cisco Group Management Protocol (Guy)
+* Allow filtering on 24-bit integral fields (Guy)
+* Support for Cisco's Virtual Trunking Protocol (guy)
+* Enable plugins on Win32 (Gilbert)
+* Debian packaging changes (Olivier)
+* Win32 build fix (Gilbert)
+* Fix bug in tftp (Dietmar Petras)
+* Support for Time Protocol (Dietmar)
+* Support for win32 libpcap (Ed Meaney)
+* Typo in Makefile.am (Sean Walmsley <sean.p.walmsley@Hydro.ON.CA>)
+* Build fix, plus suport for setuid ethereal [DANGEROUS!]
+ (Peter Kjellerstedt <peter.kjellerstedt@axis.com>)
+* Typo fix in OSPF (Nick Amato)
+* Code movement (Guy)
+* NetBSD zlib build fix (Guy)
+* Misc. code fixes (Guy)
+* Win32 fixes (Guy)
+* Support for SMB Mailslot and Netlogin (Jeff Foster)
+* BOOTP fix (Dietmar Petras)
+* "A header file for every dissector" (Gilbert)
+* Fix NetBIOS name types (Richard)
+* Allow for non-"struct timeval" in tethereal (Gilbert)
+* Upgrade gtkclist.c to GTK+-1.2.7 (Gilbert)
+* Support raw IP nettl captures (Olivier)
+* Fix X.25 data structur initialization (Olivier, Guy)
+* LanMan fix (Richard)
+* Doco updates (Guy)
+* Fix for UCD SNMP 4.1.x
+* "Resolve Name" item in proto tree popup (Laurent)
+* Buffer fix (Guy)
+* SMB Logon fix (Richard, Jeff Foster)
+* Tethereal fix for multi-arg filters on command line (Guy)
+* Fix HTTP request and response (Laurent, Guy)
+* Support for Dynamic Host Information Services (Olivier)
+* Add TCP segment length to TCP packet summary (Fred Reimer)
+* Pop up single packet's proto tree in new window (Jeff Foster, Guy)
+* Developer's README, finally! (James Coe, Guy, Jeff Foster)
+* Support for HPUX 11 nettl files (Olivier)
+* Make scrollbar placement option ubiquitous (Guy)
+* Support for Sinec H1 protocol (Gerrit Gehnen)
+* Show version number resource in COTP (Gerrit Genen)
Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.3:
* Win32 path delimiter fixes (Guy)
* clnp fix (Guy)