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Move version to 0.8.2, add Win32 to list of platforms in README.
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+Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.2:
+* Add editcap as standard install target (Guy)
+* Add manpage for editcap (Guy)
+* GUI code movement (Guy)
+* Read-only Win32 support (Gilbert, Guy)
+* L2TP updates (Laurent Cazalet, Thomas Parvais)
+* select() workaround for Linux libpcap bug (Guy)
+* Cisco CDP fixes (Guy)
+* Hex dump option in TCP Stream window (Olivier)
+* Assorted frame numbering fixes (Guy)
+* Filterable RTSP fields (Jason)
+* X.25-over-Ethernet support, perhaps (Guy)
+* Export and usage of NLPID values (Guy)
+* zlib fix for {Free,Open,Net}BSD (Guy)
+* Add tethereal and manpage (Guy)
+* Doc updates (Guy, Gilbert)
+* Fix type in hex printing in netbios (Gerald)
+* Work around RedHat 6.1 libpcap filter "feature" (Gerald)
+* Fix alignment issues (Guy)
+* Tethereal mods (Nathan)
+* Use gmodule for dynamic linking instead of libltdl (Gilbert)
+* Build fixes (Guy)
+* Plugins in tethereal (Olivier)
+* Editcap mods (Richard)
+* Change code to use strchr() instead of index() (Guy)
+* Change code to use strrchr() instead of rindex() (Guy)
+* Pop-up menus with right-clicks (Jerry Talkington)
+* Packet scrolling option during live captures (Guy)
+* Full NFSv3 support (Uwe)
+* Fix byte-order and alignment problems in PPTP
+ (Thomas Quinot, Debian bug 55347)
+* Support for both HP-UX 9.04 and HP-UX 10.20 nettl files (Olivier)
+* "Inactive Subset" in ISO 8473 CLNP (Gerrit Gehnen)
+* Vines update (Joerg)
+* tm_mon fix (Guy)
+* New proto_item_set_text() and proto_tree_add_notext() functions (Guy)
+* New functionality in dissect_rpc_string() (Guy)
+* CDP fixes (Paul Ionescu)
+* packet_info and ethernet changes (Guy)
+* LLC updates (Guy)
+* Flag for IPv4 TOS field/DiffServ field (Heikki Vatiainen)
+* Cisco ISL support
+* Workaround for GTK+-1.2.[3-6] text widget bug (Gerald)
+* Menu updates and fixes (Gerald, Gilbert, Guy, henceforth "3G")
+* Parse multiple COMMUNITIES value in BGP (Itojun)
Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.1:
* Fix mulitiple-selection bug in packet list (Gilbert)
* Check for libtool and libtool version (Guy)