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@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.20:
* Many Quakeworld and Quake2 dissector enhancements. (Uwe)
* Add routines used by GIOP plugins to the plugin address table. (Guy)
* Properly check for GCC version >= 2 when using "__attribute__" (Guy)
-* Quake3 Arena dissector (Uwe)
+* Quake3 Arena dissector, plus enhancements (Uwe)
* iSCSI updates. (Mark Burton)
* Update preferences error checking and comments, fix a memory leak,
parser fixes and updates. (Guy)
@@ -54,8 +54,7 @@ Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.20:
* Kazlib exception code updates. (Gilbert)
* GIOP dissector fixes. (Frank)
* Many ethereal_be.py and ethereal_gen.py enhancements. (Frank)
-* String length checking fixes in packet-smb-browse.c and packet-wsp.c.
- (Guy)
+* String length checking fixes in packet-smb-browse.c and packet-wsp.c. (Guy)
* Data display fixes in packet-smb.c. (Guy)
* Update DIAMETER dissector to draft-ietf-aaa-diameter-07. (David Frascone)
* packet-wsp.c fixes. (Alexandre P. Ferreira)
@@ -63,10 +62,95 @@ Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.20:
* Fix port numbers passed by "-u" to text2pcap. (Guy)
* Properly handle packets sent to "\MAILSLOT\LANMAN". (Guy)
* Make dissect_pipe_lanman() local to packet-smb-pipe.c. (Guy)
+* Handle missing authentication info in RPC packets. (Guy)
+* Conversation matching improvements (Guy)
+* Parse PASV mode FTP addresses, many other improvements. (Guy)
+* Fix compiler warnings in packet-rtcp.c, packet-snmp.c, and
+ packet-socks.c. (Guy)
+* Alow multiple protocol ID/datum pairs to be attatched to a
+ conversation. (Guy)
+* Get rid of an unsed #define in packet-tcp.c. (Guy)
+* Better packet length checking in packet-wsp.c. (Guy)
+* Register HTTP dissector by name, so other dissectors can call it.
+ (Thomas Wittwer)
+* Add the function prefs_register_string_preference(). (Thomas)
+* Add HMIPv6 support. (Martti Kuparinen).
+* First look in $PYTHONPATH/site-packages for ethereal_be.py and
+ ethereal_gen.py. Update idl2eth man page accordingly. (Frank)
+* Properly close the capture file within tethereal before exiting. (Guy)
+* Fix a typo in packet-icmpv6.c. (Martti)
+* Add OSPFv3 support. (Palle Lyckegaard)
+* RTSP and RTP improvements. (Jason Lango)
+* Fix the "Save only marked packets" checkbox in the file save dialog. (Guy)
+* Fix WAP WTP naming problems and add Transaction Class decoding.
+ (Olivier Biot)
+* Install idl2eth in "/usr/local/bin". (Frank)
+* Use correct byte counts in SMB write request packets. (Guy)
+* Fix bugs and white space in packet-ospf.c. (Guy)
+* GTPv1 support and GTPv0 improvements. (Michal Melerowicz and Nicolas Balkota)
+* Scan TPI's to get proper WTP packet length and correct start of
+ WSP-data. (Tom Uijldert)
+* Split RPC dissector into heuristic/non-heuristic forms, improve
+ conversation handling. (Guy)
+* TCP desegmentation support plus ONC RPC and NBSS integration. (Ronnie
+ Sahlberg and Guy)
+* NLM fix, fix for status monitor callback protocol. (Ronnie)
+* XoT and RIP protocol field display filters. (Ronnie)
+* Straighten out filter and protocol names in packet-stat-notify.c (Guy)
+* OSPFv3 fixes (Palle Lyckegaard)
+* Fix a signed vs unsigned warning in packet-ranap.c. (Guy)
+* Support for dissecting multiple BGP capabilities. (Endoh Akira)
+* Fix a signed/unsigned comparison problem, display command in decimal
+ in packet-rip.c. (Guy)
+* Fix stat vs state confusion in packet-nlm.c. (Guy)
+* Change the time resolution to nanoseconds and fix signed/unsigned
+ problems in many dissectors. (Guy)
+* Get rid of sys/time.h includes in some epan files. (Guy)
+* Show NFS times using absolute and relative fields. (Ronnie)
+* Improve directory checking in plugins.c. (Guy)
+* Generate idl2eth from idl2eth.sh, add docs to tarball. (Guy)
+* Fix the handling of DNS-over-TCP. (Guy)
+* Add DNS desegmentation, improve desegmentation default behavior. (Guy)
+* Remove extra line in acinclude.m4 (Andy Hood)
+* Add make-manuf and manuf.tmpl to the source distribution. (Guy)
+* GTP updates and fixes. (Michal Melerowicz)
+* CUPS fixes. (Guy)
+* Add builtins for gzgetc and gzgets. (Ashok)
+* Update ATM on Linux URL in wtap.h, explain ATMoL LLC header behavior
+ in packet-clip.c. (Guy)
+* Fix tagged field length and snprintf() problems in 802.11 dissector. (Guy)
+* Fix snprintf() and buffer problems in ICMPv6, ISAKMP, and WSP
+ dissectors. (Guy)
+* Add MMSE support. (Tom Uijldert)
+* Make capture errors more verbose under Win32, and add wiretapped.net
+ libpcap link. (Guy)
+* Update Win32 README. (Guy)
+* Fix Boolean flag display in GTP dissector. (Guy)
+* Fix #define usage in TCP dissector. (Guy)
+* Don't checksum short UDP packets. (Guy)
+* Hand IP data from the ICMP dissector to the IP dissector. IPv6
+ dissector fixes. (Guy)
+* Fix SMB interim Transact2 response handling and display. (Guy)
+* Add NT error code support to SMB dissector. (Guy)
+* Other SMB dissector fixes. (Guy)
+* Fix gzgets(), gzgetc() and gzseek() checking. (Guy)
+* Additional Ascend and IETF codes to RADIUS. (Gaeme Hewson)
+* WSP/WTLS push-traffic handling. (Tom Uijldert)
+* DCE RPC authentication and related SMB dissector improvements. (Todd
+ Sabin, Guy)
+* NBSS continuation fixes in packet-nbns.c (Guy)
+* NetBIOS payload handling enhancements. (Guy)
+* Initial SMB tvbuffification. (Guy)
+* Small RADIUS fix. (Motonori Shindo)
+* Add CHAP support to PPP dissector. (Motonori Shindo)
+* DCE RPC fixes. (Pasi Eronen)
+* Many DCE RPC fixes and updates. (Guy)
+* Don't include packet-tcp.h or packet-udp.h in packet-ipv6.c. (Guy)
+* NBSS continuation enhancements. (Guy)
+* Add more filterable SMB header fields. (Guy)
Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.19:
* Added 'text2pcap', a utility to convert text hexdumps into pcap files. (Ashok, Guy)