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+Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.11:
+* Set locale in tethereal (Guy)
+* Dialog box utility routines (Guy)
+* Modal window fixes (Guy)
+* GUI cleanups (Guy)
+* Add support for preferences (Guy)
+* IPv4 DiffServ is a preference (Guy)
+* Add strcasecmp.c for those systems that need it, like SINIX-M (Uwe)
+* BOOTP magic cookie fix, option-dissection fix (Guy)
+* SNMPv3 fix for security model values 1 and 2 (Guy)
+* Make AH payload dissection placement a preference (Gilbert)
+* Timestamp display fix (Guy)
+* CLNP TSAP fix (Guy)
+* NFS filehandle dissection for ReliantUNIX and Linux nfsd/knfsd (Uwe)
+* TCP summary info in protocol tree is an option (Gilbert)
+* OSPF enhancements and fixes (Michael Rozhavsky)
+* inet_aton()-related build fixes (Guy)
+* UDP has heuristic dissector table, and uses it for RPC (Uwe)
+* Dissection of RPCSEC_GSS credentials in ONC RPC (Dug Song)
+* DNSSEC additions/name changes (Jakob Schlyter)
+* Error message cleanups (Guy)
+* DNS support for MS's WINS and WINS-R resource records (Guy)
+* tvbuff-ication of H1 dissector, and response identifier display change
+ (Gerrit Gehnen)
+* SCTP dissector (Michael.Tuexen@icn.siemens.de)
+* Capture-window titlebar fix (Gilbert)
+* Support for building SVR4 binary packages (Gerald)
+* proto_tree/dfilter interaction change (Gilbert)
+* Fix URL for libpcap (Guy)
+* Improved autogen.sh script (Bruce Korb)
+* Add "debian" target to Makefile (Olivier)
+* Tethereal packet-count and new-line fix (Gilbert)
+* SNMP "agent address" trap PDU display fix (Guy)
+* Support for many more DHCP options (Jose Pedro Oliveira)
+* Compiler-warning fixes in wiretap (Guy)
+* Reset "visited" flag when rescanning a file (Gilbert)
+* Add RPM and SRPM build targets (Gerald)
+* Another shot at the undead libpcap monster fix (i.e., extra info
+ in headers for ss990915 libpcap) (Guy)
+* Add aclocal-flags to fix build headaches (Guy)
+* In proto_tree_add_item(), access tvbuff before adding anything to
+ proto_tree. (Gilbert)
+* Add Quake 1 dissector (Uwe)
+* GIOP dissector warns about unsupported GIOP versions (Gilbert)
+* dfilter2pod build fix (Gilbert)
+* Re-write of NCP dissector. Adds python to build. :) (Gilbert)
+* Fix Edit->Filters...->Apply (Richard)
+* Add DIAMETER dissector (David Frascone)
+* Display TCP RST data as text, as per RFC 1122 (Guy, with tip o' hat
+ to Kevin Steves)
+* Support for capturing from a pipe (FIFO or STDIN). (Olivier)
+* Cross-platform build fixes (Guy)
+* Fix directory-checking routines (Guy)
+* Display filters now work on string types (Gilbert)
+* Initial templates for decoding all 4 NLM protocol versions (Uwe)
Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.10:
* Code cleanup (Gilbert)
* Assign port 1052 to DDTP (Olivier)