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+Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.18:
+* Improvement of 'make clean' targets. (gilbert)
+* Added the ethereal capture preferences to the preference file. (Jeff, Guy)
+* Fix automake packaging of win32-only files. (gilbert)
+* Remove "etypes.h" include from "ipproto.c" (gilbert)
+* Tvbuffify the ASN.1 code and the Kerberos, LDAP, and SNMP dissectors. (Guy)
+* Get rid of an unused variable, and fix a typo in a comment in packet-ldap.c (Guy)
+* packet-snmp.c Fix up a pile of NullTVB uses that were left in the previous checkin. (Guy)
+* Assorted cleanups in packet-kerberos.c (Guy)
+* packet-vines.c, packet-quake.c, packet-snmp.c, check for disabled protocols and set "pinfo->current_proto" (Guy)
+* Assorted ISIS enhancements. (Hannes Gredler)
+* When dissecting the ISIS NLPID CLV, use the "nlpid_vals" array to convert NLPID values to protocol names. (Guy)
+* In wiretap/buffer.c Fix "data" member of a Buffer structure g_malloc casting (Guy)
+* In wiretap/lanalyzer.c Removed g_assert_not_reached and return 0; from lanalyzer_open() loop. (Guy)
+* Fix the e-mail address for Joerg Mayer (and remove it from files he wasn't involved with). (Guy)
+* Quarterly (or so) update to manuf (Gerald)
+* Move the declaration of "ipprotostr()" out of "epan/packet.h" into a new "ipproto.h" header file. (Guy)
+* Move the declaration of "etype_vals[]" from "epan/packet.h" to "etypes.h". (Guy,Ed Warnicke)
+* Fix to a preferences dialog bug, from <inoue@ainet.or.jp>. (Guy)
+* Fix to WTP retransmission indicator dissection (Guy,Olivier Biot)
+* packet-bgp.c, packet-bgp.h tvbuffified (Heikki Vatiainen, Guy)
+* Add -I/usr/local/include" into CFLAGS because GLib 1.2.9 doesn't any more (Guy)
+* WTLS client and trusted key ID handling enhancements (Patrick Wolfe, Guy)
+* Tvbuffify packet-yhoo.c (Nathan Neulinger)
+* Makefile.nmake pulls in settings from config.nmake (Gram)
+* ascend-scanner.l, #define YY_NEVER_INTERACTIVE to avoid reference to isatty() on Win32 (Gram)
+* IP fragment reassembly (Ronnie Sahlberg, Guy)
+* Fixed problem with nmake compiling lemon.c twice (Gram)
+* Check the validity of numbers specified in command-line options. (Guy)
+* Add ONC RPC strings to the tree as strings, with a field index (Ronnie Sahlberg, Guy)
+* YPPASSWD support (Ronnie Sahlberg, Guy)
+* Distribute wtap.def (Gram)
+* Include "image/Makefile.nmake" in the distribution tarball. (Guy)
+* Fixed up the messages printed for the SSL checks (Guy)
+* Have status bar to display nothing, rather than "Text (text)", when a
+ "proto_tree_add_text()" field is selected. (Ronnie Sahlberg, Guy)
+* Cleanup the text item pseudo-field for the '-G' option (Guy)
+* Get rid of the FT_-name-to-description filtering in eproto2sgml (Guy)
+* DCE RPC updates (Todd Sabin, Guy)
+* Cleanup packet-rsvp.c object class-specific types (Guy)
+* Added error messages to proto.c for BASE_NONE in FT_INTn & FT_UINTn (hagbard,Guy)
+* Added perl script to generate X11 dissector fields (Guy)
+* Include "process-x11-fields.pl" and "x11-fields" in the source distribution (Guy)
+* Fix up "process-x11-fields" to allow both a base *and* VALS to be specified (Guy)
+* Make the X11 fields that correspond to drawable IDs, masks, and the like
+ display as hex rather than decimal. (Guy)
+* packet-x11.c - Use "%u", not "%d", to print unsigned quantities (Guy)
+* Add support for comments in "process-x11-fields.pl", and add a copyright
+ notice/RCS ID/credit to Christophe to "x11-fields" as a comment. (Guy)
+* packet-eigrp.c - Put top-level item for a TLV into the protocol tree with a text
+ value, for display if an exception occurs (Guy)
+* KLM support (Ronnie Sahlberg, Guy)
+* Put an RCS ID/GPL/copyright notice into the "process-x11-fields.pl" script (Guy)
+* tethereal.c - Add a "return 0;" at the end of main() to pacify MSVC 5 (Gram)
+* Fix Gerald's e-mail address - (Guy)
+* dfilter_expr_dlg.c - Treat BASE_BIN like BASE_DEC for numeric value of value_string (Guy)
+* README.developer - Explain BASE_{DEC,HEX,OCT,BIN} a bit more (Guy)
+* editcap.c - add return 0; to main routine (Guy)
+* TODO - Update the reassembly item to note that IPv4 fragments are now reassembled. (Guy)
+* SPRAY support (Ronnie Sahlberg, Guy)
+* rquota support completed (Ronnie Sahlberg, Guy)
+* When registering numeric fields, check that a base other than BASE_NONE was specified. (Guy)
+* Tvbuffification of the IPv6 and ICMPv6 dissectors, and some bug fixes (Heikki Vatiainen, Guy)
+* Get rid of NullTVB references. (Guy)
+* Get rid of END_OF_FRAME, BYTES_ARE_IN_FRAME references in tvbuffified dissectors. (Guy)
+* Move the declarations of IP protocol numbers to "ipproto.h" from "packet-ip.h". (Guy)
+* Get rid of unnecessary includes. (Guy)
+* Signed vs. unsigned fixes (Joerg Mayer, Guy)
+* Tvbuffify the RIPng dissector. (Guy)
+* RANAP support (Martin Held, Guy)
+* Modbus/TCP support (Riaan Swart, Guy)
+* Tvbuffify the Gryphon dissector. (Guy)
+* Undefine "isprint()" before re-defining it, to squelch a compiler warning. (Guy)
+* Configure.in - Fail if both UCD and CMU SNMP headers are found because of link problem (Guy)
+* If the SNMP headers were found but we failed to find "sprint_objid()", fail SNMP config (Guy)
+* Make "col_set_str()" and "tvb_reported_length_remaining()" available in plugins. (Guy)
+* Get rid of support for non-tvbuffified plugin dissectors. (Guy)
+* "-l" command-line option to turn on automatic scrolling in "Update list
+ of captures in real time" captures (Christian Lacunza, Guy)
+* HPUX plugin support using g_module_supported (Guy)
+* Added support for DHCP Authentication extensions specified in
+ draft-ietf-dhc-authentication-16.txt (Ashokn)
+* Added support for RSVP Refresh Reduction Extensions -
+ draft-ietf-rsvp-refresh-reduct-05. (Ashokn)
+* Added one-line summary of each RSVP object in the object line. (Ashokn)
+* Additional OSPF LSA types and opaque-options flag (Michael Rozhavsky, Guy)
+* packet-wtls.c updates (Alexandre P. Ferreira, Guy)
+* IPX SAP over IPX EIGRP support, and IP EIGRP authentication updates (Paul Ionescu, Guy)
+* PIM enhancements and fixes (Heikki Vatiainen, Guy)
+* Support for dissecting XDR arrays (Ronnie Sahlberg, Guy)
+* NIS+ support (Ronnie Sahlberg, Guy)
+* Additional LDAP checks for invalid packets (Scott Renfro, Guy)
+* Better support of timestamps from NetXRay captures (Chris Jepeway, Guy)
+* Automake updates for next version of automake (Nathan Neulinger, Guy)
+* Updates for the next version of autoconf (Nathan Neulinger, Guy)
+* Passive FTP support (Juan Toledo, Guy)
+* Fix a text window, scrollbar bug reported by Christopher McAvaney (gerald)
+* Updates to OSPF for the changes between drafts 3 and 4 of
+* Various ISIS improvements (Jean-Christian Pennetier, Guy)
+* osi-util.c Fix postfix error in string generation (Chris Fould, Guy)
Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.17:
* Display filter GUI fix (Guy)
* Build fix: use SSL_LIBS if found by configure (Henri Gomez)