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More updates for 0.10.6.
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@@ -18,22 +18,84 @@ Ethereal 0.10.6 has been released.
New and updated features
- X.509 support has been greatly expanded.
+ X.509 support has been added.
Crash bugs have been fixed in the RTP and NCP dissectors.
+ PostScript(r) output has been improved.
+ A bug that prevented mergecap from creating a new output file has been
+ fixed.
+ Conversation and endpoint performance has been enhanced. General packet
+ display performance has been enhanced.
+ The conversation and host list tools have been renamed to be less
+ confusing.
+ You can now copy conversation and host list data as CSV data.
+ RTP analysis can now dynamically determine the proper clock rate.
+[ last rev: 11623 ]
New protocol support
Updated protocol support
+Fibre Channel,
New and updated capture file support