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Move to version 0.8.3.
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+Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.3:
+* Win32 path delimiter fixes (Guy)
+* clnp fix (Guy)
+* tethereal initialization fix (Guy)
+* Debian packaging files (Olivier)
+* NFS readdir* segfault fix (Uwe)
+* file_seek() fix (Guy)
+* "struct timeval"/"struct bpf_timeval" fix (Guy)
+* TFTP Option Extension (RFC 2347) support (Craig Newell)
+* Menu fixes (Gilbert)
+* PPP sequence number fix (Gilbert)
+* Support for NetXRay WAN traces (Gilbert)
+* X.25 fix (Guy)
+* TCP Follow EBCDIC toggle fix (Gilbert)
+* New get_home_dir() function for HOME env var (Gilbert, Guy)
+* Additional NLPIDs (Guy)
+* New "ethereal_static" make target (Nathan)
+* Capture window close button fix (Nathan)
+* Plugin directory symlink scanning fix (Olivier)
+* Add SNMP trap port to udp dissector (Guy)
Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.2:
* Add editcap as standard install target (Guy)
* Add manpage for editcap (Guy)