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+Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.16:
+* RTSP fixes (Guy)
+* CDP updates and fixes (Kent Engstöm)
+* Call capture_sll() during capture (Gilbert)
+* dissectory_try_*() cleanups (Guy)
+* SCTP updates (Michael Tuexen)
+* Many tvbuffications (Guy)
+* GRE updates (Guy)
+* Bugfix in WCCPv2 IP encapsulation (Guy)
+* M3UA update (Michael Tuexen)
+* Updates for DEC LANBridge 100 Spanning Tree protocol (Guy)
+* Fix for MPLS Multicast PPP type (Guy)
+* IUDA updates (Michael Tuexen)
+* NBIPX, NetBIOS fixes (Guy)
+* Don't anger the Automake God so that she doesn't install man pages (Guy)
+* Wiretap ngnsiffer update for type 7 records (Jeff Foster, Guy)
+* Completion of NLM dissector (Ronnie Sahlberg)
+* WSP fix (Guy)
+* Code cleanup (Guy)
+* Make Automake 1.4b happy (Guy)
+* Improve RPC processing (Guy)
+* Ethernet/ethertype() update (Guy)
+* NLM update (Guy)
+* Look for SSL library for those that have UCD SNMP compiled with
+ SSL supoprt (Andy Hood)
+* GTK dialog box handling cleanup (Guy)
+* Support for SUA Light (Micahel Tuexen)
+* Mobile IPv6 updates (Borosa Tomislav)
+* IEEE 802.11 fix (Johan Jorgensen)
+* tru64 doco update (Guy)
+* wiretap can write NetMon 2.x files (Guy)
+* Dissector registration cleanup (Guy)
+* Support for HCLNFSD (Mike Frisch)
+* wiretap autoconf cleanup (Guy)
+* Enhance registration of ONC RPC-based protocols. (Guy)
+* Keep separate cfilters and dfilters lists files. (Guy)
+* Remove support for old-style plugins. Goodbye! (Guy)
+* Cleanup usage of pcap (Guy)
+* SMB update, new error code (Richard)
+* SNMPv2u support (Guy)
+* Fix bounds problem in invalid SIP packet (Ruud Linders <ruud@lucent.com>, Gerald)
+* WTLS support and WSP fixes (Alexandre P. Ferreira)
+* Work around CMU SNMP bug (Guy)
Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.15:
* HSRP updates (Heikki)
* MGCP updates (Ed, Gilbert)