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+Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.8.0:
+* RPC and NFS updates, complete NFSv2 support (Uwe, Gilbert)
+* Initial TNS support (Nathan)
+* Documenatation and distribution updates (Gilbert, Guy)
+* SMB fixes (Gilbert, Richard, Olivier)
+* Color preference fixes and updates (Guy)
+* NetBIOS fixes (Guy)
+* IPX fixes and updates (Guy, Nathan)
+* Capture/file save facility updates (Guy)
+* Add IPX stats to capture window (Gilbert)
+* Appropriately enable/disable the "follow" menu item (Florian)
+* ICQ fixes from Guy and Kojak (Guy)
+* Add Christopher McAvaney's format_text() fix (Guy)
+* Stream window color prefs (Gerald)
+* Myriad GUI fixes and enhancements (Gilbert, Guy)
+* RADIUS fixes thanks to Arni Raghu <arni@caip.rutgers.edu> (Gilbert)
+* VLAN updates (Nathan)
+* Byte view fixes (Nathan)
+* Initial TACACS+/XTACACS support (Nathan)
+* Multiple file format capability in wiretap and Ethereal (including Snoop,
+ Netmon 1.x, Sniffer, Netxray, and various flavors of libpcap) (Guy, Olivier)
+* Added editcap to the distribution (Richard)
+* Enhancements to wiretap's file output capabilities (Guy)
+* Add our own SNMP PDU dissector; other SNMP fixes and updates (Guy)
+* ASN.1 code added, but not currently used (Guy)
+* LLC/SNAP fixes and updates (Guy, Nathan)
+* NTP fixes (Guy, Gerald)
+* ISAKMP updates from Dave Chapeskie (Guy)
+* Reduced dependency on "global.h" (Gilbert, Guy)
+* HTTP updates from Jerry Talkington (Guy)
+* Added IRC dissector (Nathan)
+* DNS updates (Nathan)
+* Added James Coe's patch(es) to add SRVLOC and NCP-over-IP support (Guy)
+* CLI fixes and enhancements (Guy)
+* ARP improvements (Nathan)
+* Capture length fixes for IRIX (Guy)
+* BGP updates from Greg Hankins, and other BGP fixes (Itojun)
+* Added Philip Gladstone <philip@raptor.com>'s patch to check IP header
+ checksum (Gilbert)
+* GRE updates, merged code from Jerry Talkington (Guy)
+* AppleTalk updates, including NBP and RTMP dissectors (Nathan, Guy)
+* Initial LDAP support (Nathan)
+* X.25 updates (Olivier)
+* Plugin support (Olivier)
+* Fixes for packet-ip.c (Guy, Gilbert)
+* Jerry Talkington's patch to move filter prefs to their own dialog (Guy)
+* Fixes for RedHat's modified version of libpcap (Guy)
+* WCCP dissector from Jerry Talkington (Guy)
+* rwho/rwhod/ruptime support added (Gilbert)
+* Added Bert Driehuis <driehuis@playbeing.org>'s I4B wiretap module
+ and V.120 decoder (Gilbert, Guy)
+* RSVP fixes (Gilbert)
+* NCP fixes and updates, other fixes from James Coe (Nathan, Guy)
+* Q931 updates from Bert Driehuis (Guy)
+* ISDN4BSD updates (Guy)
+* Support for ISIS thanks to Stuart Stanley (Guy)
+* Support for Dearborn Group Technology's Gryphon as a plugin (Gilbert)
+* Win32 port updates (Guy)
+* LPD segfault fixes reported by Gregor Glomm (Gilbert)
+* GUI page added to preferences (Gilbert)
Overview of changes in Ethereal 0.7.9:
* Compilation warning fix (Guy)
* Updates to Q.931 (Guy)