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More ethereal -> wireshark.
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@@ -75,13 +75,13 @@ README.win32 for those instructions.
additional header files and libraries. Using this switch keeps
'configure' from looking there
- --disable-ethereal
+ --disable-wireshark
By default, if 'configure' finds the GTK+ libraries, the Makefile
build Ethereal, the GUI packet analyzer. You can disable the
build of the GUI version of Ethereal with this switch.
- Build Glib/Gtk+ 1.2[.x]-based ethereal.
+ Build Glib/Gtk+ 1.2[.x]-based wireshark.
By default the line-mode packet analyzer, TShark, is built.
@@ -180,7 +180,7 @@ README.win32 for those instructions.
By default, plugins are installed in
- ${LIBDIR}/ethereal/plugins/${VERSION}
+ ${LIBDIR}/wireshark/plugins/${VERSION}
${LIBDIR} can be set with --libdir, or defaults to ${EPREFIX/lib}
${EPREFIX} can be set with --exec-prefix, or defaults to ${PREFIX}
@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@ README.win32 for those instructions.
6. Run 'make'. Hopefully, you won't run into any problems.
-7. Run './ethereal' or './tshark', and make sure things are working.
+7. Run './wireshark' or './tshark', and make sure things are working.
You must have root privileges in order to capture live data.
8. Run 'make install'. If you wish to install the man page, run