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Add back in the note about GNU "make", "flex", and "bison"/Berkeley
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@@ -31,6 +31,19 @@ Ethereal is known to compile and run on the following systems:
It should run on other systems without too much trouble.
+NOTE: the Makefile appears to depend on GNU "make"; it doesn't appear to
+work with the "make" that comes with Solaris 7 nor the BSD "make".
+In addition, wiretap (see below) requires "flex" - it cannot be built
+with vanilla "lex" - and either "bison" or the Berkeley "yacc"; whilst
+the "yacc" that comes with Solaris 7 has a "-p" flag to replace "yy" in
+various variable names with a specified prefix, to allow multiple
+yacc-built parsers in the same program, it doesn't replace "yy" in the
+"y.tab.h" file, so the lexical analyzer has no clue that "yylval" has
+been renamed to "wtap_lval". (What *were* they thinking?)
+You must therefore install GNU "make", "flex", and either "bison" or
+Berkeley "yacc" on systems that lack them.
Full installation instructions can be found in the INSTALL file.
@@ -58,8 +71,8 @@ The wiretap library is a packet-capture library currently under
development parallel to ethereal. In the future it is hoped that
wiretap will have more features than libpcap, but wiretap is still in
its infancy. However, wiretap is used in ethereal for its ability
-to read mulitiple file types. You can read the following file
-formats, and create display filtes for them as well:
+to read multiple file types. You can read the following file
+formats, and create display filters for them as well:
libpcap, Sniffer (uncompresed), NetXray, Sniffer Pro, snoop,
Shomiti, LANalyzer, Network Monitor, and iptrace 2.0 (AIX)