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Installing Ethereal, Tethereal, and Editcap on Win32
@@ -100,6 +100,7 @@ MS Visual C++ Version 7 / VC.NET
Currently unsupported for two reasons:
-the licence agreement does NOT allow you to compile GPL code.
-there are serious problems in using DLL's compiled with MS VC6.
+See section "Problems with MS Visual C++ Version 7 / VC.NET" below.
Cygwin GCC
Ethereal can entirely be built with cygwin GCC. However the built binaries will
@@ -436,6 +437,21 @@ After (re-)starting Ethereal, you should now see it's widgets in the modern
WinXP style on your screen.
+Problems with MS Visual C++ Version 7 / VC.NET
+Beside licensing problems with these compilers, there are known problems with DLL's.
+If Ethereal is compiled with MSVC Version 7, there are conflicts in the MSVCRT DLL's,
+The MSVCRT.DLL includes the standard ANSI-C functions like fopen, malloc, etc.. MSVCRT.DLL
+is shipped with the MSVC 6 compiler versions, and dynamically linked to prebuild DLL's like
+the one's for gtk, glib and such. The MSVC 7 compiler now uses and ships MSVCRT71.DLL with
+it, which is incompatible with MSVCRT.DLL. So when using the MSVC 7 compiler, some parts of
+the Ethereal code uses MSVCRT71.DLL, and some others (indirectly from e.g. the gtk DLL) will
+use MSVCRT.DLL. This will result in incorrect file handles and such.
+The same problem seems to apply on all MSVC compilers after version 6, like the
+"Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003".
Instructions for Cygwin