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README.dissector: Add note to add 2 encodings for FT_UINT_BYTES in proto_tree_add_item
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@@ -1566,6 +1566,10 @@ FT_AX25, FT_VINES, FT_SYSTEM_ID, FT_FCWWN fields, and 'protocol' fields
the encoding is not relevant; the 'encoding' argument should be
ENC_NA (Not Applicable).
+For FT_UINT_BYTES fields, the byte order of the count must be specified
+as well as the 'encoding' for bytes which should be ENC_NA,
For integral, floating-point, Boolean, FT_GUID, and FT_EUI64 fields,
the encoding specifies the byte order of the value; the 'encoding'
argument should be ENC_LITTLE_ENDIAN if the value is little-endian