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2015-07-05change microcontroller to SAM3SKing Kévin1-1088/+1161
2014-06-20v1.4: Connect PA0 to 3V3; pull-up for PA1/PA2 (R25,R26)Harald Welte1-1145/+1088
2013-10-28BOM corrected (sorted by value) and reformatedKevin Redon1-18/+7
2013-10-27MCU pin 48 used to identify v1.3 by putting it to ground (with internal pull-up)Kevin Redon1-278/+299
2013-10-27MBR0530 pin numbers correctedKevin Redon1-220/+220
2013-10-27exported v1.3 netlistKevin Redon1-1005/+1135
2012-05-18RST_PHONE pulldown added on PCBKevin Redon1-539/+867
2012-05-16C14 change to 4.7uF 0805, silkscreen improved, more space for JTAGKevin Redon1-855/+539
2011-11-05VPP connected through bus switchKevin Redon1-537/+855
2011-11-03footprint refreched, cap near LDOKevin Redon1-49/+49
2011-07-02D2 and D3 now also use STPS340U instead of 1N5819Kevin Redon1-3/+3
2011-07-02new footprints select for production in netlist (LED is 0805, schottky is SMB...Kevin Redon1-848/+537
2011-06-23BOM updatedKevin Redon1-537/+848
2011-06-20LDO, and power switch added. not verified yetKevin Redon1-56/+110
2011-06-20bus switch CB3q3244 used instead of QS3244Kevin Redon1-2/+2
2011-06-20USB changed, BOM updatedKevin Redon1-784/+488
2011-06-19VCC_PHONE connected to GPIOKevin Redon1-261/+262
2011-06-19SIM_SW connected to GND, components movedKevin Redon1-175/+175
2011-06-15better routingKevin Redon1-218/+206
2011-06-15second gnd added for TPS73633Kevin Redon1-205/+207
2011-06-15UDP_PUP now connected to PA16 (pin 19) on schemaKevin Redon1-497/+793
2011-06-15BC847 footprint correctedKevin Redon1-3/+3
2011-05-22debug port changedKevin Redon1-2/+2
2011-05-15kevin local new versin enforcedKevin Redon1-2/+2
2011-05-13update kicad project to v0.9+Kevin Redon1-504/+559
2011-05-13rename from SIMtrace to SIMtraceKevin Redon1-0/+575