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<section id="known_firmware_issues">
<title>Known Firmware Issues</title>
- <para>For some SIM Cards the ATR and the first APDU are sent in the
- same USB message and the host utility fails to split the APDUs
- properly. A band-aid for the firmware exists.</para>
+ <section>
+ <title>Combined ATR/APDU message</title>
+ <para>For some cards the firmware does not send an USB message at
+ the end of the ATR. The ATR and first APDU will be send in one message
+ and the host utility fails to split APDUs and nothing will be traced.
+ A band-aid for the firmware exists and can be found on the mailinglist.
+ </para>
+ </section>
+ <section>
+ <title>Lost bytes</title>
+ <para>For some new high speed cards the firmware can lose bytes. The
+ issue appears to be when the received bytes will be copied to the memory
+ of the USB controller. The workaround is to reduce the size of the buffer.
+ </para>
+ </section>
<section id="other_modes">