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authorPhilipp Maier <pmaier@sysmocom.de>2018-07-13 11:15:49 +0200
committerPhilipp Maier <pmaier@sysmocom.de>2018-07-13 11:38:04 +0200
commitaf9ae8bd6e55cb420b686f4205791dc6bb20cb4c (patch)
parent1be35bfa09a8fc72d38efc050f95f65324d3fac0 (diff)
cards: return SW in method update_plmnsel() of class Card
The method update_plmnsel() does not return the status word yet, which causes pysim-prog.py to print an error message that does not influence the functionality but does not look nice. - preserve the status word that is returned with update_binary() and return it properly like the other methods do. Change-Id: I54e8e165f87365e8162b36d24efc8f0db62b66da Related: SYS#4245
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/pySim/cards.py b/pySim/cards.py
index 9be04ff..a72a52f 100644
--- a/pySim/cards.py
+++ b/pySim/cards.py
@@ -87,7 +87,8 @@ class Card(object):
data = self._scc.read_binary(EF['PLMNsel'], length=None, offset=0)
size = len(data[0])/2
hplmn = enc_plmn(mcc, mnc)
- self._scc.update_binary(EF['PLMNsel'], hplmn + 'ff' * (size-3))
+ data, sw = self._scc.update_binary(EF['PLMNsel'], hplmn + 'ff' * (size-3))
+ return sw
def update_smsp(self, smsp):
data, sw = self._scc.update_record(EF['SMSP'], 1, rpad(smsp, 84))