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+This is a set of tools for creating a virtual Um-interface between
+OsmocomBB and OsmoBTS. It may be extremely useful for testing and
+development of GSM stack, including both sides (MS and BTS). This
+software implements OsmoTRX (Osmocom's fork of OpenBTS transceiver)
+style clock (CLCK), control (CTRL) and data interfaces. So, OsmoBTS
+source code doesn't require any modifications, while for OsmocomBB
+you will need to use a new application - trxcon, which can be found
+in the 'fixeria/sdr_phy' branch until one is merged to master.
+Brief description of available applications:
+ - - main application, that allows to connect both
+ OsmocomBB and OsmoBTS without actual RF hardware. Currently
+ only a single MS may work with a single BTS.
+ - - a peripheral tool aimed to emulate TDMA frame
+ clock generator. Could be used for testing and clock
+ synchronization of multiple applications. It should be noted,
+ that one relays on generic system timer (via Python), so
+ a random clock jitter takes place.
+ - - another peripheral tool, which could be used
+ for sending CTRL commands directly in manual mode, and also
+ for application fuzzing.