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trx_toolkit/ also pass-filter UL bursts by time-slot
For some reason, the time-slot pass-filtering was only done for DL bursts, but not for UL bursts. BurstForwarder shall not pass UL bursts for unconfigured time-slots too. Let's also print a warning if an UL burst is sent on a not configured time-slot, i.e. before sending SETSLOT command. Change-Id: Idb7f5b212e5814aeff8ca8bc875ad066674267cd
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diff --git a/src/target/trx_toolkit/ b/src/target/trx_toolkit/
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--- a/src/target/trx_toolkit/
+++ b/src/target/trx_toolkit/
@@ -326,6 +326,11 @@ class BurstForwarder:
if msg is None:
return None
+ # Timeslot filter
+ if not in self.ts_pass_list:
+ print("[!] TS %u is not configured, dropping UL burst..." %
+ return None
# Path loss simulation
msg = self.path_loss_sim_ul(msg)
if msg is None: